Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flying Bird Yoga pose

In doing the Flying bird yoga pose, you mimic the position of a bird in flight, hence the name for this pose. This pose helps you to nourish your hips, spine, glutes, quads, calf muscles. It also is a chest, heart and rib cage opener move, in addition to nourishing your shoulders, triceps and biceps.

Although a simple pose, it would be advisable for you to consult your doctor before you start doing this pose. Such consultation is obligatory for those who suffer from any neck, hip and lower back related ailments like spondylitis, scoliosis sciatica, slipped disc, etc. To do this pose in the right way, learn to do it under the guidance of a yoga tutor.

You start doing this pose by lying down flat on your abdomen. Your legs are straight down your hips and your feet are placed together with your big toes touching each other. Your foot soles are facing upwards and your toes point away from you with your toenails touching the mat.

Your arms are by your side and your face is turned to one side to enable you to breathe properly. Inhale, and as you exhale move your arms to place your palms flat on the mat. Bend your arms from the elbows and push your palms against the floor to raise your chest and abdomen off the mat.

Keep your toes pressed against the mat, and raise your chest up further, till you can bring your face forward by curving your neck and spine. Now stiffen your spine and the muscles of your neck and shoulders, as you lift your palms off the mat. This way, you hold yourself aloft by engaging the muscles of your abdomen and shoulders. This step also increases the pressure on your spine and hips.

In this position, it is your hips that function as the lever to hold your torso up. With your arms and legs aloft, you look like a bird in flight. Pause at this stage and then lower your palms to the mat.

Now bring your arms by your sides and lift your arms and legs off the mat. Stiffen your spine and also spread your fingers and stiffen your triceps and biceps to enable you to hold on to this position. Lift your chest and legs as high up as you can. Remain in this position for between one and three minutes, or as long as you feel comfortable and then exit this pose by lowering your chest to the mat.


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